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Development projects

Release DBA resources for greater focus on your business

Flexibility and security –add core competencies when required

Fully automated system monitoring

No software installation required

Subscription-based – no investment needed

QA and mentor

License check

Avoid having to build up expensive, internal competencies and let dedicated specialists handle monitoring, maintenance and administration of your Oracle systems.

Ideal combination with traditional outsourcing/hosting, or supplement your own operations for optimal multisourcing.

Uptime and error-free systems are important – and for some companies even critical. With Basecare Discover™ it’s possible to perform fully automated system and database monitoring.

Installed as a “Plug and Play” solution – Cloud or “Service as a Service” – and can be stand-alone or adapted to existing monitoring. Scales easily to include application monitoring.

Developing and maintaining key competencies within your organization is difficult and expensive. And, when you add the variable costs associated with high specialization, you can see how drawing on the highly specialized Oracle consultants from Basecare can benefit you.

Basecare offers expertise in APEX, Weblogic, Warehousebuilder, and others.



Medlem af IT-brancheforeningen  Vi er en kreditværdig virksomhed baseret på Soliditets kreditvurderingssystem. Vurderingen er foretaget ud fra en mængde forskellige beslutningsregler. Oplysningerne bliver opdateret dagligt via Soliditets database. Kreditvurderingen af virksomheden er således altid aktuel.      

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